ROOT CANAL Therapy (Endodontics)

Because an infected tooth cannot heal if left alone, it can deplete a patients immune system and will worsen over time. The infection can spread to harm whole-body health. In the past dentists had to extract infected teeth, but now we can conserve the natural tooth structure by removing the infected pulp with root canal therapy.

When the nerve/pulp has been cleaned out, it is replaced by a material that seals the inside of the root so infection cannot get back in.

Man having root canal therapy

Root Treatment (Multi)

Dr. Bartsch will also carry out retrograde root canal therapy (apicectomy) where indicated.

Using the latest in NiTi rotary technology, digital x-rays and apex locators, Dr. Kennedy is able to complete endodontic therapy more comfortably and in much less time than previously possible.

Root Treatment